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From Launch to 800,000 Users, mLab Keeps Delivering ROI to Yesware

Yesware brings salespeople the email sales tools and data analytics needed to maximize their productivity, a mission that mLab’s Database-as-a-Service solution has supported from the beginning.

  • Yesware depends on mLab’s scalable and reliable hosted MongoDB database solution, with a return on investment that remains advantageous versus hiring a dedicated internal team.
  • mLab’s platform features and expert support played a key role throughout Yesware’s initial product development and continues to do so at Yesware's current expanded scale.
  • Hands-on domain expertise from mLab guides Yesware through key database architecture and performance optimization strategies.
Customer Profile

Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit for data-driven sales organizations. The platform offers tools that easily integrate with a salesperson’s email inbox to enable email tracking, templates, sales automation, prescriptive analytics, and a host of other capabilities that boost productivity and help sales teams close more business. Originally founded in 2010, Yesware now has more than 800,000 users, including companies like Acquia, AdRoll, InsightSquared, and Localytics.

The Challenge

As an emerging startup, Yesware required a cloud-hosted database solution that could completely alleviate the necessity for an internal database operations team

As growth accelerated and operations expanded, Yesware needed its hosted DBaaS solution to continue to provide exceptional value and a consistent ROI. Facing a competitive market in sales enablement software, it was critical that Yesware invest its early resources in backend IT services that could help get the product off the ground quickly and affordably. Yesware began by utilizing Ruby on Rails and Heroku (as its Platform-as-a-Service) for application development and deployment. Doing so made it a natural fit to then select a hosted database service, rather than hiring full-time DBAs within the organization. At the time, Yesware did not have deep database experience to setup and optimize a production MongoDB database, and knew it would require expert advice on issues like data modeling, querying, and indexing.

Additionally, the technical team recognized early on a preference to be “packrats” with data, thus eliminating worries about future limitations or needing to analyze their data immediately. Retaining a large amount of data can be costly, so Yesware sought a hosted database service capable of providing a sustained ROI as the business scaled and the data size grew.


mLab’s MongoDB hosting platform offers the scalability, flexibility, and dedicated support that deliver Yesware a positive ROI year after year.

Following the selection of MongoDB (due to the NoSQL database’s flexible document store), Yesware looked for DBaaS options that would work well with Heroku. mLab proved to be the most complete solution that could quickly provision and expertly manage hosted MongoDB database instances and included additional tools and support. Using mLab enabled Yesware to conserve resources that would have otherwise been allocated to establishing an internal database operations team.

Starting with a single replica set cluster and growing from there, mLab has guided Yesware’s database infrastructure expansion. Yesware now leverages multiple database deployment types: sharded clusters for large data sets, specialized clusters for specific usage patterns, and temporary staging clusters that are recycled daily.

In addition to support, Yesware regularly relies on the mLab Telemetry monitoring tool to diagnose any potential issues that arise. Over the years, Yesware has modernized its architecture away from a monolithic structure and toward a microservices orientation; however, some resources still reside within the monolith. If database hiccups occur, Telemetry delivers the insights needed to pinpoint the cause.

As Yesware's infrastructure matured, so did their database requirements. Tasked with a new project, the Yesware engineering team created a unique solution utilizing MongoDB oplog access (available on all mLab replica set deployments) to trigger asynchronous downstream processing. The final solution requires very little code and allows for nearly immediate processing.

Our relationship with mLab has consistently delivered a return on investment greater than we would achieve by moving those same duties in-house, and it’s a service that is just as valuable to Yesware today as it was when we were first getting going. mLab gives us the database flexibility, expert advice, and peace of mind to store any type of data we may possibly need, and to serve our expanding customer base with highly performant databases at any scale. Considering the service and support we receive, continuing to work with mLab into the future is an easy decision we’re happy to make.

Steve Pescatore Principal Software Engineer, Yesware


Fueled by mLab’s analytics tools and database support, Yesware continues to meet the needs of its ever-growing userbase

While Yesware’s engineering team has now developed a sizable amount of internal NoSQL database knowledge as its staff and experience grows, the company has determined that continuing to expand with mLab remains the most efficient and advantageous use of its resources. With mLab’s DBaaS enduring as a highly effective solution for meeting Yesware’s database needs, Yesware looks forward working and growing together with mLab.

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